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Oficial european despre dezvoltarea Romaniei:"Vedem urgenta speciala pentru investitii in infrastructura si....

2 Februarie 2016
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Potrivit presedintelui Bancii Europene pentru Reconstructie si Dezvoltare (BERD), Sir Suma Chakrabarti, Romania a ramas in urma cu dezvoltarea infrastructurii, decalajul impiedicand evolutia tarii. Presedintele BERD a mai spus ca privatizarea intreprinderilor de stat are nevoie, de asemenea, de un impuls, discutarea proiectelor majore de infrastructura fiind scopul principal al vizitei in Romania. El considera ca BERD poate sa joace un rol important in finantarea infrastructurii de transport si energie.

"Vedem urgenta speciala pentru investitii in infrastructura si suntem gata sa investim in proiecte prioritare. Romania a ramas in urma cu dezvoltarea infrastructurii. Acest decalaj impiedica evolutia tarii. Discutam de investitii si reforme in domenii precum transporturile, energia si infrastructura de comunicatii", a declarat presedintele BERD.

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Anna  | #4305
Michael: Anon #1 is right; maybe for locals (like you) there is no diecerfnfe (in the location) between MIT and Harvard, but for the visitors they are in some distance. Hence, it would be easier for visitors to have the conferences much closer. How could one attend STOC and some EC tutorials, if the travel between the two places requires 15 mins in the cab (which also costs some bucks, or over half an hour walk). I have no doubt that Cambridge is a nicer place than San Jose, but FCRC has a more user freiendly format in that respect. If all the conferences are in the same building, or one block from each other, then it would be easier to attend even the clashing events.But please dont take this as a critisism but rather as a friendly advice. The organizers of the three events did great job and I hope Cambridge will be hosting similar events in near future again.
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